Puppy Blanky – Paris 16


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Your pup is the king of your bed, let’s face it. And sometimes the couch. Wherever that pup dang well pleases because your best friend, obviously, gets the best, most beautiful, Puppy Blanky out there!

The soft plush fabric, silky to the touch, keeps its Paris 16 painting print glorious color in 100% polyester. Machine washable, reversible to white, the practical fabric is hypoallergenic, flame retardant, this pretty and practical throw protects your sleeping place from your pup’s sleeping place.

Lots of us say when we get a dog: Never the couch, then, Never the bed, but who are we kidding? Still, we can pretend that this throw blanket extending the Paris Collection through your home space is a mere eye treat design element simply ideal for lounging during chilly evenings. And… so’s your doggy!

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