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Art Mug – Paris 19, detail

This ceramic mug is the perfect blend of function and elegance. Designed by the artist with her Paris 19, detail painting print. Three sizes – the 11 oz and 15 oz mugs – are dishwasher and microwave safe. Every day you’ve got art warming your hands while you take a break to think about, well, […]

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Breezy Trunks – Paris 19

Get breezy and bold quick for a hot hot hot summer day on the beach, handsome at the gym, or in the back yard. These knockout lightweight trunks make a heavy duty impression! Quick drying and breathable, UPF 50+, for serious swim or robust beach play, with a silky anti-chafe mesh inner liner, the resilient

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Kaboom Windbreaker – Paris 19

Live handsomely with high spirits whatever the weather! This durable lightweight windbreaker in water resistant polyester, with a breathable mesh lining, is robust with Paris 19 painting print floral vigor! Get the jacket in muscular slim line or oversize hoodie fit, for your personal style and maximum comfort every day, windy, rainy, sunny, you got

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Hug Tank – Paris 19

Make a bold statement with this classy and formfitting hug tank. Keeping the colors fresh in polyester with a bit of spandex, the Paris 19 painting print is gorgeous! An imported stretching fabric of smooth and slinky microfibre yarn recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains. Curvy and crisp, the sexy shape is precision printed,

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Jigsaw Puzzle – Paris 19

Puzzle me this! When you want the perfect group bonding activity, or feel like amusing yourself alone, toy with this entertaining jigsaw of the good vibes Paris 19 painting print! Designed by the artist, and signed with a personal note. Brave 252 pieces for the 10.5 x13.5 inch, or go for mastery of 520 pieces

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